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Wyoming is the inspiration behind the creation of the National Park Service of the United States. Specifically Yellowstone was found to be a region of such geological variety, rugged beauty, and wildlife diversity that a protective designation had to be designed to maintain the natural state of the region for future generations. This model has been multiplied the world over and has been crowned as one of the fundamental cornerstones of American society. Outside the borders of Yellowstone, Wyoming has two mountain ranges that match Yellowstone in grandeur and beauty: the Teton Range and the Wind River Range. The Teton Range is the birthplace of American Alpinism, while the Wind River Range has been described as "one of the great gifts of the mountain gods" which "holds legendary status in American climbing."


Grand Teton

Ice Point

Mount Moran

Nez Perce

Storm Point

Symmetry Spire


Gannett Peak

Mitchell Peak


Tiger Tower

Wolf's Head

Wyoming Wilderness & Mountains
Grand Teton, Teton Mountains, Wyoming
Ice Point, Teton Mountains, Wyoming
Mount Moran, Teton Mountains, Wyoming
Nez Perce, Teton Mountains, Wyoming
Strom Mountain, Teton Mountains, Wyoming
Symmetry Spire, Teton Mountains, Wyoming
Gannett Peak, Wind River Mountains, Wyoming
Mitchell Peak, Wind River Mountains, Wyoming
Pingora, Wind River Mountains, Wyoming
Tiger Tower, Wind River Mountains, Wyoming
Wolf's Head, Wind River Mountains, Wyoming
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