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Kings Peak is Utah's highpoint at 13,528 feet. The terrain surrounding Kings Peak is as beautifully stunning as it is incredibly remote. Notwithstanding the surrounding beauty and ruggedness of the Uinta Mountain Range, Kings Peak is not the dramatic mountain that you might hope for as Utah's ceiling. Rather, Kings Peak is the gentle, sloped remains of an ancient mountain range, allowing most anyone in descent shape to climb to the top. The approach to Kings Peak is long 12.5 miles, with a gradual uphill pitch. The final ascent is only 800 vertical feet to the summit. As you might expect, this mountain is quite popular. Roughly 5,000 people attempt to summit each summer. Most reach the top, but there is the occasional fainting spell due to the altitude. For more solitude on this mountain, attempt a winter summit trip, which is far more difficult due to increased distance, sub-zero temperatures, and deep snow. The Wasatch Mountain Club plans an annual winter Kings Peak climb each March. Kings Peak has several approaches. The extremes range from the Henrys Fork Route (31 miles roundtrip), to the Mirror Lake Route (80 miles roundtrip).
Summit North Ridge Rock Scramble 08/01/2008
Kings Peak, Uinta Mountains, Utah
Kings Peak, Uinta Mountains, Utah
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