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East Hayden Peak is actually an unnamed mountain on the USGS topo maps. The name 'East Hayden Peak' is given in relation to its popular neighbor 'Hayden Peak'. East Hayden Peak is a rugged and beautiful mountain located in the western region of the High Uinta Wilderness. The mountain's location forms a sharp division between the West Basin and the Middle Basin of the Stillwater Fork. From the summit you have an incredible view of the surrounding basins and lakes, and a great panoramic view of Hayden Peak, Kletting Peak, A-1 Peak, Mount Agassiz, Spead Eagle Peak, Ostler Peak, and Lamotte Peak. East Hayden Peak's location gives it a secluded, remote feeling although it can be climbed as a single-day trip. As mentioned, East Hayden Peak can be approached as a single-day trip or a multi-day backpacking trip. The day trip route climbs the Hayden/Agassiz Ridge, from the Mirror Lake area, and then ascends the southwest ridge. The backpacking route follows the Stillwater Fork and ascends the northeast ridge. Winters attempts would be very difficult on East Hayden Peak due to its remote location. Summer attempts are more practical, but can be difficult with the short window available to summit and descend before the violent afternoon thunderstorms that are famous in the High Uintas.
Summit Southwest Ridge Rock Scramble 08/05/2006
East Hayden Peak, Uinta Mountains, Utah
East Hayden Peak, Uinta Mountains, Utah
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