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Shingle Mill Peak is a remote, pyramid-shaped mountain along the Wasatch ridgeline between Cascade Mountain and Provo Peak. It’s an area with moderate terrain and simple ridgelines for hiking and scrambling. Its north and east faces are exceptional for backcountry skiing. Shingle Mill Peak was only recently adopted as the official name for this mountain, and should begin appearing on USGS maps. The mountain is named for a lumber mill that once operated in the area. Access to Shingle Mill is easy in the summer; simply use the Squaw Peak road for an easy approach and short hike to the summit. In the winter, the approach is from Rock Canyon and necessitates a 6 mile hike.
Summit Northwest Ridge Snow Climb 04/03/2013
Shingle Mill Peak, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
Northwest Ridge, Shingle Mill Peak, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
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