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Peak 8,753 is small, unassuming mountain located west of the larger, more popular Provo Peak. Peak 8,753 has also been referred to as "Lionhead", but that name is not commonly used in local guidebooks. Peak 8,752 draws little attention and has no maintained trails on its terrain. The beauty of this mountain is its winter ski terrain on the west and east faces. While the larger peaks are shedding their unstable snowpacks through massive avalanche cycles, Peak 8,753 maintains enough low-angle slopes, and lower elevation terrain, to provide safer conditions. Notwithstanding its docile appearance, Peak 8,753 can still produce some large avalanches, and the approach to the mountain, along the Squaw Peak Road, crosses several large avalanche paths from Cascade Peak and Provo Peak.
Summit East Face Ski 01/03/2009
Peak 8,753, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
Peak 8,753, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
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