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North Timpanogos is the north summit of the Timpanogos Massif. The Timpanogos Massif is one of the most awe-inspiring mountains in the Wasatch. Centuries ago, the Ute Indian Tribe resided at its base. They used the mountain for fishing and hunting. The Ute name for a large river at the mountain's south base was "Timpanogotzis". In time, that name was transferred to the entire mountain as "Timpanogos". North Timpanogos is one of the most steep, rugged mountains in the Wasatch Mountain Range. There are three main routes to the summit, all of these routes are winter and spring mountaineering routes. The first is the Forked Tongue Couloir route, followed by Cold Fusion Couloir route. Both couloirs are direct lines to the summit ridge. They are commonly used as ski descents. The most difficult route is the Grunge Couloir route, which sports an intimidating 63° pitch. The fourth, and easiest, route to the summit is to traverse the Southwest Ridge from the Timpanogos Massif, which is a simple summer trail hike.
Summit Grunge Coulior Snow Climb 05/16/2011
Summit Cold Fusion Couloir Snow Climb 05/12/2007
North Timpanogos, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
Grunge Couloir, North Timpanogos, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
Cold Fusion Couloir, North Timpanogos, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
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