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North Peak is a simple and unassuming mountain, which is nearly forgotten along side its rugged and majestic neighbor Mount Nebo. North Peak is basically a subpeak of the Mount Nebo massif; yet, separated from the proper massif by Wolf Pass, North Peak is officially recorded as a separate peak. Within the boundaries of North Peak is steep and interesting terrain that makes for fantastic hikes and beautiful views of Mount Nebo and the Nebo Basin. North Peak is most commonly climbed using two routes that both begin on the east face. The easiest route travels around to the base of the north face, and then climbs the north ridge to the summit. The second, more difficult, route climbs directly up the steep east face. North Peak receives little hiking traffic, so it’s a fantastic peak to experience the simple solitude and beauty of the mountains.
Summit East Face Rock Scramble 06/16/2001
North Peak, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
North Peak, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
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