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Corral Mountain rises over the southeast side of Utah Valley; it is the next mountain south of Provo Peak. Provo Peak and Corral Mountain remain as some of the most beautiful, seldom-traveled areas of the Wasatch. From a technical perspective, Corral Mountain's terrain is simple and easy, yet Corral Mountain is quite remote and would be difficult to reach if it weren't for a small, dirt road that travels to the base of the south and west faces. This road is accessed from Hobble Creek Canyon. The road is open from roughly May 15th to November 15th. During its winter closure, the road remains accessible to snowmobiles. Winter is when Corral Mountain really shines; its south and east aspects provide excellent backcountry ski terrain.
South Shoulder South Face Ski 03/18/2011
Corral Mountain, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
Corral Mountain, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
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