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Box Elder Peak is tucked away between the Alpine Ridge and Mount Timpanogos. The mountain received its name from early settlers who discovered an abundance of Box Elder trees along its faces and canyons. The lush terrain enticed settlers to use the mountain for cattle grazing and lumber; yet, lacking a check and balance, the mountain was soon deforested and massive erosion ensued. In 1933, the Civilian Conservation Corps began a project to cut erosion trenches all along the Wasatch Front to protect the mountains from erosion in these areas. Although most of the vegetation has been restored, these trenches are still visible on the west, south, and east faces of Box Elder Peak. The most stunning feature of Box Elder Peak is its North Cirque. With steep terrain and sharp limestone cliffs, the North Cirque provides a challenging mountaineering ascent and a superb ski descent. The safest winter route is through Dry Creek onto the West Face. The shortest summer route is through Deer Creek and up the North Ridge.
Summit North Cirque Ski 04/13/2009
Summit West Ridge Snow Climb 03/04/2006
Box Elder Peak, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
Ski North Cirque, Box Elder Peak Wasatch Mountains, Utah
West Ridge, Box Elder Peak Wasatch Mountains, Utah
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