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Big Baldy is a 8,756 foot mountain that sits west of Mount Timpanogos. Although Big Baldy is dwarfed by the massive 7-mile summit ridge of Mount Timpanogos, Big Baldy’s summit rises 400 vertical feet above its saddle with Mount Timpanogos and is officially recorded as a separate peak. Big Baldy received this name from early settlers because its west and south aspects, which are the most prominent aspects facing the population of Utah Valley, are "bald" of conifers. The summit of Big Baldy can be reached by two routes: Dry Canyon in Orem, and Battle Creek in Pleasant Grove. Both trails lead you to the saddle between Big Baldy and Mount Timpanogos. From there, follow the northeast ridge to the top. The Dry Canyon trail will also lead to the south ridge, which leads to the summit. The hike to the summit is steep and strenuous in sections, but both routes are technically easy. The most rewarding view from the top of Big Baldy isn’t the view over Utah Valley, but rather, the incredible panoramic view of Mount Timpanogos.
Summit South Ridge Off-Trail Hike 11/10/1997
Summit Northeast Ridge Trail Hike 06/14/1997
Big Baldy, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
South Ridge, Big Baldy, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
Northeast Ridge, Big Baldy, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
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