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Zion National Park is the most famous National Park in Utah. It encompasses some of the most incredible 229 square miles of desert scenery on earth. The different regions of this park are quite diverse and offer a variety of experiences. The more popular areas of this park can be reached by a park shuttle. The more adventurous areas of the park are reached by hiking trail. The Narrows, The Subway, and Angel’s Landing are world-famous landmarks where rock climbers may climb thousand-foot sandstone walls, and canyoneers may explore narrow canyons and tunnels hundreds of feet tall. As you visit Zion National Park, there's lodging, a visitor’s centers, shuttle tours, and extensive trail maps. Exploring this National Park is a must, but caution is important. Thunderstorms sweep over the park creating massive flash floods. A number of people have lost their lives as flash floods have swept over cliffs and through narrow canyons. Detailed weather reports are available at any visitor’s center. Zion National Park is located 41 miles northeast of St. George, Utah.
Full Canyon Pine Creek Canyon Canyoneering 09/14/2012
Full Canyon Pine Creek Canyon Canyoneering 09/08/2011
Pine Creek Canyon, Zion National Park, Utah
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