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Sunset Peak is a smaller, triangular mountain that lies near the east border of the Alta Ski Area. The close proximity to Alta makes this peak popular backcountry ski terrain. The north face is particularly popular. Riders from Alta typically generate a few "close call" avalanches each year. Catherine Lake sits just below Sunset Peak and is a popular area in the Wasatch for its astounding wildflowers, easy hiking, and short distance from Alta or Brighton. The shortest route to the summit of Sunset Peak is the West Ridge. For a longer day with awesome scenery, use Sunset Peak as the fourth peak of a five-summit ring that circles the Brighton area. The valleys below these peaks have well-maintained trails that lead back to Alta and Brighton so you can ditch out at any point and return home.
Summit 5-Peak Traverse Snow Climb 12/23/2006
Sunset Peak, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
5-Peak Ridge Traverse, Sunset Peak, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
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