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Sunrise Peak is the third summit from the west end of the Cottonwood Ridge. It is a seldom-climbed peak that offers steep, rocky terrain and enjoyable scrambling. This mountain is officially recorded as O’Sullivan Peak, and it appears under that name on most maps. Locally the mountain is known as Sunrise Peak. There are two main routes to the summit: one on the west ridge and one on the east ridge. The east ridge is the easiest route to the summit. It is accessible from Broads Fork and Tanner's Gulch. The more difficult scramble is the west ridge, which is accessible from Broads Fork. When approaching through Broads Fork, there also appears to be some good technical routes up the north face. The south face has a direct route via Maybird Couloir. Arguably the most adventurous way to climb Sunrise Peak is to combine it with the summits of Dromedary Peak and Broads Fork Twin Peaks to complete the Triple Traverse—a classic Wasatch alpine climb.
Summit Tanners Gulch Snow Climb 05/10/2008
Sunrise Peak, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
Tanners Gulch, Sunrise Peak, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
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