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Mount Sauce is a little-recognized, personally-named peak. Calling it a “peak” is a bit of a stretch. This mountain is actually the first prominent point on the North Ridge of Hidden Peak, which lies in the center of Snowbird Ski Resort. We discovered this “peak” during one of our first winter hikes into the mountains. At that time, reaching the summit and skiing this mountain was an enormous adventure. For that reason, it will always be a mountain in our memory. Outside of the dates that Snowbird is officially open for skiing, you are allowed to enter its boundaries as much as you'd like to hike and ski. So previous to Snowbird's opening in 1996, we decided to do just that. On our way up Little Cottonwood Canyon, a decrepit Volkswagen Vanagon was huffing and puffing its way ahead of us, slowing our progress to a crawl. The only thing that kept us from going crazy was the Idaho license plate that read "SAUCE". To date, it is the sweetest license plate we have ever seen. We laughed so hard that we wept like children. That's the inspiration for the name “Mount Sauce”.
Summit North Ridge Ski 11/16/1996
Mount Sauce, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
North Ridge, Mount Sauce, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
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