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Reynolds Peak is a small, humble mountain in the upper reaches of Big Cottonwood Canyon, in the Central Wasatch Mountains. The terrain surrounding Reynolds Peak is docile, safe, and densely forested. This terrain makes Reynolds Peak very popular for easy summertime hiking and safe wintertime skiing and snowshoeing. The two most common routes to access Reynolds Peak are Butler Fork and Mill D North Fork. Both routes are short and simple with stunning, lush scenery; yet, for ease of travel during the winter, the most popular route is definitely Mill D North Fork, where you will often find a compact trail within hours after any snowfall.
Summit North Ridge Ski 12/17/2010
Dog Lake Mill D North Fork Ski 12/22/2007
Reynolds Peak, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
North Ridge, Reynolds Peak, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
Dog Lake, Reynolds Peak, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
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