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Red Baldy is located on the eastern half of the Alpine Ridge in the Central Wasatch Mountains. It is the seldom-climbed neighbor of the more prominent White Baldy. Both mountains share similar names for their parallel appearance. Red Baldy has substantial elevation above the tree line, and every foot of that elevation is coated in deep, red stone. The steep, bare faces of Red Baldy, together with its rugged, narrow ridges, make it a lonely but adventurous mountain where you can find plenty of solitude. During the winter, you can ski miles of open faces without ever crossing another ski track. Red Baldy has no trail that travels to its summit. The closest trail will take you up White Pine Canyon, in Little Cottonwood Canyon, and end at White Pine Lake. From here you can gain the west ridge to the summit. The east ridge travels from Red Top and has some 4th class scrambling. The south and north faces are also fun snow climbs.
Summit West Ridge Rock Scramble 09/24/2010
Summit South Face Snow Climb 06/03/2006
Red Baldy, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
West Ridge, Red Baldy, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
South Face, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
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