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Mount Olympus is arguably the most popular mountain in the Central Wasatch Mountains. Its prominent location and accessibility along the Salt Lake skyline inspire locals, both prepared and unprepared, to hike into its wilderness. Because of this universal appeal, the standard Mount Olympus Trail attracts an interesting mix of people and ever year there seems to be a handful of Search and Rescue calls for lost hikers. Mount Olympus has a north and south summit with the south being the tallest. There are four additional summits that traverse between the two main summits. Completing this full summit traverse is titled the Traverse of the Goddesses. For prepared hikers and mountaineers, Mount Olympus offers excellent terrain in remarkably close proximity to the city. Some of the most adventurous routes are the Zeus Couloir, Apollo Couloir, West Slabs, Guert's Ridge, and Kamp's Ridge. Each offers spring snow climbing or technical alpine rock.
West Ridge West Slabs Rock Climb 07/01/2011
South Summit Guert's Ridge Rock Climb 09/20/2008
North & South Summit Traverse of the Goddesses Rock Climb 06/14/2008
Mount Olympus, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
West Slabs, Mount Olympus, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
Guert's Ridge, Mount Olympus, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
Traverse of the Goddesses, Mount Olympus, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
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