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Lone Peak is the motivation behind Utah's first Wilderness Area. Since the creation of the Lone Peak Wilderness Area in 1977, over 30,000 acres have been protected in the Wasatch Mountains under the same designation. The Lone Peak massif is home to some incredible terrain. The most stunning areas of the mountain include the Second Hamongog, on the south face, the Lone Peak Cirque, on the west aspect, and Upper Bells Canyon near the base of the east face. Most ascents of Lone Peak follow the popular hiking trails from Cherry Canyon and Jacob's Ladder. Both routes begin on the west base, ascend to the Lone Peak Cirque, and then climb the north ridge to the summit. The most adventurous and technical routes are on the west and east faces of Lone Peak. The east face is an extremely steep, exposed snow climb to the summit. The west face has a variety of multi-pitch trad climbs, ranging from 5.4 to 5.11. The Lone Peak Cirque (west face) is the premier alpine climbing area in the Wasatch.
Summit Open Book Rock Climb 06/29/2012
Summit Northeast Couloir Snow Climb 05/05/2011
Summit Big Willow Creek Snow Climb 04/26/2008
Summit South Face Rock Scramble 08/11/2001
First Hamongog South Face Trail Hike 01/26/2002
Lone Peak, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
Summit Wall, Lone Peak, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
Northeast Couloir, Lone Peak, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
Big Willow Creek, Lone Peak, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
South Face, Lone Peak, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
First Hamongog, Lone Peak, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
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