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Kessler Peak holds a commanding presence at the north apex of the Big Cottonwood Canyon highway. It is located on the north end of the Cardiac Ridge, which connects to Mount Superior on the south end. The mountain has two massive avalanche tracks on its flanks: Argenta and God's Lawnmower. Argenta's path puts the Big Cottonwood Canyon highway in direct danger during large avalanche cycles. Kessler Peak is famed in the history of the Wasatch Mountains. Its slopes are dotted with mining shafts, and tree mills once operated at its north base. The mountain's name comes from the most famous of the mill operators. Today, the mountain is famous for backcountry skiing. Its close proximity to the highway makes its terrain some of the most accessible, and most popular, in the Wasatch.
Northwest Ridge Agenta Ski 03/31/2009
Devil's Castle, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
Full Ridge Traverse, Devil's Castle, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
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