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Mount Baldy is located on the Alpine Ridge in the Central Wasatch Mountains. Mount Baldy's summit creates the southwest boundary of Alta Ski Area, while the base of the mountain provides extensive ski terrain. Because of the ski area's development, a smooth, dirt road leads right to base of the northeast face of Mount Baldy, along with a number of trails for hiking and mountain biking. Mount Baldy is a great mountain for beginning hikers. Beginning at the base of the Alta Ski Area, hikers can travel the dirt roads to Baldy's north shoulder and continue on easy terrain to the summit. In addition, Mount Baldy also provides some enjoyable climbing and skiing routes along the northeast face for ski mountaineers. Due to the mountain's easy access from Alta Ski Area, and its tendency to gather and shelter early snowfall, Mount Baldy is a popular destination for early-season backcountry skiing.
Summit Main Chute Ski 11/21/2007
Mount Baldy, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
Main Chute, Mount Baldy, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
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