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Mount Hood stands at 11,239 feet as the ceiling of Oregon. Located roughly 50 miles east of Portland, Mount Hood is reportedly the second most climbed peak in the world, behind Japan’s Mount Fuji. This mountain is considered a dormant volcano, although it still has active fumaroles that spew sulfur and gas from the craters on the south face. Various characteristics make Mount Hood the most popular climbing choice among the Cascade volcanoes: the relatively low elevation, the short approach from the Timberline Lodge, and the short climbing distance on the south face. Unfortunately, these characteristics lure less experienced climbers that misjudge snow conditions and the quick approach of severe weather, which accounts for most accidents on the mountain. In 2002, a fatal climbing accident occurred when three teams fell into a deep crevasse on the south face. A Blackhawk helicopter was dispatched for the rescue operation and crashed onto the Old Chute Variation route. Miraculously, no one on the rescue team was injured. The video can be found on YouTube.com.
Summit Old Chute Variation Snow Climb 06/29/2008
Mount Hood, Oregon
Old Chute Variation, Mount Hood, Oregon
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