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Four Peaks is visible from nearly any point in the Phoenix valley. If you look east from the valley, you'll see a looming, serrated ridge on the horizon. Those four, serrated teeth are the four points of Four Peaks. Of these points, the north point is the true summit named Browns Peak. Browns Peak is the highpoint of Maricopa County, and it's interesting to note that on a clear day, nearly one-fourth of the state of Arizona can be seen from its summit. The Four Peaks Wilderness is criss-crossed with numerous dirt roads that provide different approaches to this mountain. The most common approach is from the northwest. This approach leads to a good route for Browns Peak or a traverse of the entire mountain. Browns Peak requires some easy 4th class climbing and is recommended for those that have comfort with moderate exposure. The full traverse has more difficult climbing and serious exposure, it is recommended for those that have more extensive climbing experience.
Summit Scree Chute Rock Scramble 02/11/2006
Four Peaks, Mazatzal Mountains, Arizona
Four Peaks, Mazatzal Mountains, Arizona
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